Homework Assignments

The programming and written assignments count for half of your final grade. Much of what you learn in this course will be through completing these assignments. Your final homework grade is the average of your grades on the seven assignments.

# Out Assignment Support Code Due before midnight on:
0 Aug 23 Inductive Definitions TeX template Sep 1 Submit on Moodle
1 Sep 6 Statics, Dynamics and Type Safety TeX template Sep 15
2 Sep 30 Meta Theory and Implementation:
Language T with Finite Data Types
OCaml template (Language E) Oct 13
3 Oct 14 Meta Theory and Implementation:
Language ETSPL with Generic Lists
OCaml template (Language E) Oct 27
4 Nov 11 Programming with Streams (See link to left) Dec 1

Handout and Handin

Assignments will be made available on this Web page, and solutions are to be submitted via Moodle. You may make as many submissions as you like before the due date, only the latest will be graded.

In general, for programming assignments we ask that you submit your code and a brief README detailing anything you think we need to know to understand your submission. The written assignments are to be submitted in PDF format (only!); they must be typeset using LaTeX. The tex directory contains some examples.

Late Policy

No late homeworks will be accepted or graded. They are worth zero points. Hence, you should turn in incomplete homework by the due date rather than to wait until after the due date to turn in something more complete: The former will be graded and probably receive some credit; the latter will receive no credit. Also see Grading Policy.

Extra Credit

Some assignments will have extra credit questions. The intent is for such questions to be interesting, although some may be very hard. Partial answers and half-baked ideas are welcome and will receive some credit as long as it is clear you have seriously considered the question. See the home page for how extra credit will count towards your grade.

Advice on Programming Assignments

Advice on Written Assignments

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